Islamic Prayer Rugs,Sajda Muslim Prayer Carpet Velvet Fashion Anti-slip Blanket

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Products Features: Ingredients:

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Products Features: Ingredients:

Fabric feel smooth, good moisture permeability, good skin

Printing and Dyeing:

Surface printing and dyeing process does not add any formaldehyde does not contain harmful substances on the human body


Carefully crafted each process, polypropylene, fabric, cost-effective excellence.


Prayer, prayer, indoors and outside

Odor Description:

Carpet from the factory package into the airtight plastic bags, after receiving the new because it has not yet Kaifeng, the air can not flow, there will be a little plastic taste,normal wash and open for 2 days.

Why Use A Carpet?

1.Soft and comfortable, suede delicate soft, work well, full of comfort to enjoy.

2.Anti-skid dust, anti-fouling performance, effectively prevent dust adsorption.

3.Safe and comfortable, comfortable and durable, security and strong, anti-knock anti-collisionFashion beautiful, landscaping effect is remarkable, high-definition prayer pattern, a strong sense of hierarchy, bright color, beautiful.

4.Durable, wear-resistant moisture-proof, no hair loss, long life.

Picking blanket cleaning instructions:

Usually with a vacuum cleaner can be cleaned, Partly dirty,Can be diluted with neutral detergent solution after wiping,and placed in a cool place to dry.Is strictly prohibited strong light sun,normal one to 2 years dry cleaning time on the carpet will be better.

Quality Raw Materials,Quality Assurance:Imported ultra-fine warm acrylic fiber as raw material,delicate fiber,flexible and durable.Blanket fiber has a good natural stretch,Long trampled not hair loss,not hair,no deformation.
Advanced Technology,Clear Patterns:Using A one-time embossing process,digital staining,bright colors without fading,clear pattern.The bottom of the use of plum blossom point anti-slip bottom,Absorbent dust, to adapt to a variety of ground.
Excellent workmanship,stalls thick and close,warm and breathable,safe and comfortable,wide adaptability.Surface Raschel material,soft skin care,safe and warm,exquisite tassel edge,fashion beautiful.
Anti-pollution,Anti-static:The sawtooth shape of the carpet surface prevents the solid dust from penetrating the blanket surface to the bottom of the blanke,lasting clean,blanket surface can absorb the water vapor in the air to prevent static electricity.Antibacterial strong,soft and comfortable carpet surface, no hairiness from the ball, while good moisture absorption.